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Where ancient traditions meet cutting edge science

Composition, Piano, Voice, Improvisation, Harmony and Ear training , featuring the latest scientific discoveries in the art of Music Healing for body , mind and soul.


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Dear Raphael, I had a life changing time with you for those two months in Maui on so many levels.

From my journey of self exploration and musically expanding my creativity and confidence to deepening my connection to spirit through your teachings and lessons. This is only a journey that a true master could take me through. I feel a deep respect for your truly inspiring musical talents and endless creativity.

This time spent with you has changed my path in so many extraordinary ways. It is through this spiritual awakening whilst working with you that a path was shown to me, something which I am eternally grateful for.

Through your in depth teachings and cutting edge theories you have catalyzed my thirst for learning and have awoken me to the endless possibilities of exploration into music and its effect on the body in both physical and spiritual plains.

Having read extensively around the subject of the healing properties of sound .your theories are truly unique and go far beyond the traditional schools of academia. You have successfully married both the physical and spiritual dimensions of sound and have  conveyed it in such a beautiful and delicate  way that it is accessible to all.

You have enriched my being in so many ways and have fostered with in me the confidence for self exploration and the ability to share the multitude of gifts you have given to me. I will never forget your daily insights on life and your passion to be of service to others. You truly are a man of immense integrity and profound love.

I thank you for all that you have shown and shared with me. It was a rich and truly expansive experience. Life enhancing, life affirming and life changing and one I will never forget.

All my love.