The Lovers Within

by Raphael and The Shaman Dancers

This is a dance ritual that takes the listener through the archetypes of energies that lovers experience: a bold and powerful album featuring The Shaman Dancers.

Hear, Dance, Embody: The Story of Your Soul, Your Relationships, and Our Planet.

1. In The Beginning One Is Two 0:04

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2. Overture: Calling The Energies 6:47
3. Source Arises 0:45
4. From Her Essence Source Breathes Forth Spirit 0:11
5. Spirit Manifests 3:53
6. From The Mind Of Source Comes Separation 1:00
7. Separation Brings Forth Mighty Mo 2:22
8. From The Womb Of Source Comes Earth, Mother Gaia 2:09
9. Man Comes Forth 3:47
10. Woman Comes Forth 2:18
11. They Are One 2:26
12. Mighty Mo Send Man Off For More 4:35
13. Mo Ensnares Woman With Vanity 4:28
14. Mo Enslaves Woman 3:13
15. Woman And Earth Call For Help 3:50
16. Spirit Awakens Woman 1:47
17. Man, Under The Spell Of Mo, Is Destroying The Earth 2:43
18. Earth Cries Out To Awaken Man 6:39
19. Spirit Calls Man To Remember Who He Is 1:59
20. The Lovers Reunite 7:09
21. In The Beginning Two Are One 0:09
22. Mo’s Last Word 0:04
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