The Goddess Speaks

by Kutira, Joan Heartfield, Caroline Muir
Music by Raphael

Have you ever wondered what enlightened women talk about? What do they talk about? We can say one thing… They have conversations that matter… and what they say can change your life.

If you are going through a mid-life crisis; if you want to be inspired and uplifted; or if you simply want to be entertained… you will get what you need in this hour with Caroline, Kutira and Joan. “The Goddess Speaks” emerged from the friendship of three unique women who have each lived life “out of the box”. Envision the most compelling romance, adventure, and comedy novels imaginable… and then imagine LIVING THEM.
These are real women who have experienced genuine challenges in their lives. They’ve felt the same pain, anger, disappointment, and fear as you have. What they share is potent. Through their own unique journeys they have cultivated wisdom, humor and compassion. You will receive essential information and substance through their words and ideas… and you will enjoy an ecstatic richness through the sound of their voices. This fresh energy will inspire you.

The music was especially composed and performed for “The Goddess Speaks” by Kutira’s husband Raphael, known for his legendary classic “Music to Disappear In”.

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