The Essence of Oceanic Tantra

by Kutira & Raphael

Kutira and Raphael’s simple yet powerful teachings inspire you to discover a whole new world within you and your beloved. This powerful and healing CD collection from Oceanic Tantra is a gift, for yourself and others. These heartfelt, enjoyable practices offer the sacred teaching of Tantra Yoga and help you expand into the fullness of your Being. Kutira and Raphael are highly acclaimed, senior teachers of this sacred path and invite you to discover why Tantra Yoga is called the path of the heart. Now available as a four volume CD box set.

“Experiencing these teachings has given me a deeper awareness and appreciation of my own sensual essence. It brought me back to my passion for life.” – Shakti B, Student

Volume 1 – Oceanic Tantra (Introduction)
Kutira and Raphael share their Tantric vision and secrets of creative expression. Charged with sensuality and reverence for the Divine, these teachings are truly an inspiration and give you a broad awareness and appreciation of Tantra.

1. Introduction to Kutira & Raphael 1:02

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2. Introduction to Oceanic Tantra 19:48
3. Question From A Student 11:12
4. Tantra 19:21
5. Sexual Healing 1:36
6. Forgiveness 5:18
7. Question From A Student 3:18
8. About Kahua Institute 1:05

Volume 2 – The Wave (Undulatory Movement)
When the body undulates a great healing power is generated. This allows the cerebrospinal fluid (Kundalini energy) to flow freely up the spine. Before stilling the mind, it is best to build up “tapas” or heat in the body. The conscious breathing and the movement of the wave create an energy frequency that opens us up to an universal experience.

1. Introduction 3:42
2. Let Go (Shake Out) 6:43
3. Mother Earth (Conscious Breathing) 10:29
4. Ocean Mother (Undulatory Movement) 9:08
5. Into the Dreamtime (Shamanic Dance) 20:15

Volume 3 – Macrocosm Meditation (Guided Meditations)
Your body and mind are just a small part of who you really are. In reality you exist in macrocosm. When you spend some time each day in macrocosm you become balanced. Many people have intensively studied how to meditate. In the Macrocosm Meditation you discover how easy it is to experience your true self.

1. Introduction 6:29
2. Breathing Meditation 13:02
3. Chakra Meditation 26:10
4. Shamanic Dolphin Meditation 21:38

Volume 4 – Cosmic Union (Guided Tantric Ritual) – For Couples
The journey unfolds as a sensuous exploration of the body through touch. Allow yourself to nurture and be nurtured. With a synchronized and alternate breathing you access an altered state of consciousness. This expands into the depth of your sacred sexual energy and truly a spiritual experience of the heart.

1. Introduction 7:38
2. Tantric Breathing / Sensuous Touch 15:26
3. Heart Opening and Healing 28:28
4. Synchronized Breathing, Visualization and Sex-Magic 11:54
5. Alternate Breathing, Riding the Tantric Wave 10:54
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