The Dance of Earth and Spirit DVD

The Dance of Earth and Spirit

Twenty years in the making, “The Dance of Earth & Spirit” chronicles the life of Kutira and Raphael, and their quest for true sustainability.  With a mélange of both historical and new footage, a remote part of Maui transforms into an ecological paradise by merging ancient traditions with cutting edge science, driven by the power of Spiritual Embodiment. Discovering the ecological miracle of bamboo, they built the first permitted bamboo house on U.S. soil, leading their modest lives to the Himalayas and the Kingdom of Bhutan. In sharing their story, they give us practical steps to start our journey to true sustainability. “The Dance of Earth & Spirit” honors Mother Earth in creating a sustainable blueprint for generations searching for their Eco-Soul.

Will you take the journey?

“May this movie be seen by many people and ignite their passion to take care of our Earth with love. I loved it!”
- Sara Wheater, England

“I never knew that being ecological could be so pleasurable and beautiful, this movie moved my soul.”
- Karin Finnson, Sweden

“There are no other words for it other then “Simply Amazing!”
- Lorne Dejong, USA

“This movie touched my heart and awakened my Eco-Soul. I am inspired to learn more about the magic of bamboo”.
- Evelyne Siegrist, Switzerland

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We have always envisioned this movie as a gift to the growing generations, for inspiring ecological andsustainable awareness.

We created a donation button for you. We believe as we give, so we receive. This is simply, one of many wonderful Laws of the Universe.

Currently the movie is being shown at film fests around the world. For a minimum donation of $10, you can stream the movie online yourself in full HD. Click on the donate button below, after you have sent in a donation, you will receive a private link to watch the movie.

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