Spirit in the Body DVD

Spirit In The Body & Women Of Spirit

Two musical journeys into shamanic rituals… “At last, a new age film with passion.” – Leo Padolski PhD.
Spirit in the Body
For fifteen years Raphael and Kutira have been performing concerts worldwide. These concerts are truly unique due to their shamanic qualities; the essential calling forth of spiritual energies. This multifaceted performance creates an opportunity for you to dance into the full pulsating human experience. “To heal is to make whole”. Spirit In The Body takes us on an MTV-style journey into the roots of where their music comes from.
Women of Spirit
In this sumptuous feast for eyes and hearts, Kutira guides a group of women through temples, palaces and luscious nature, revealing to them their own power through ritual and ceremonies in one of the most beautiful cultures in the world. This pilgrimage of self-discovery is filled with dance, prayer, poetry, and song, honoring the body, mind and soul. Bali is a land where Spirit is infused in the daily life of the land and community. It is a place where Spirit is alive and many faiths coexist in harmony. Women Of Spirit inspires us to bring this grace into our every day lives and is dedicated to the celebration of the feminine creative spirit.

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