Life After Death

Just as science is exploring outer space exponentially, science is now exploring inner space in a dynamic way. Dr. Michael Newton hypnotized over 7000 people to explore in between lives and they basically saw the same thing !

Now look at other studies like “Seth Speaks” “Messages from Michael” James Van Pragh, Silvia Brown and many others. They all see the same thing! And yes there is such a thing as spiritual family and soul age and even soul mates. Now we are beginning to see the “geography” of life after death”. So many people think of life after death as being ethereal with harps and clouds when in reality there is more life and more life and more life! This album explores these experiences.


1. Life After Death 4:53
2. The Shower 3:31
3. Meeting the Council 4:07
4. Meeting Departed Friends 3:04
5. Meeting Spiritual Family* 4:19
6. Meeting Soulmate 3:46
7. Spirit Guide & Life Review 3:48
8. Temple of Forgiveness 7:26
9. Embracing Mother 4:23


10. Prayers for Peace I** 3:52
11. Prayers for Peace II** 2:51
12. Prayers for Peace III** 5:36
13. Meeting Bach in Spirit World (The Lost Concerto of Bach) 7:20

*Melody “Pour Yourself in Me” composed by Dr. Michael Beckwith and Ricky Byards
**Melodies composed by Emile Sichkin

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