The Rosetta Stone of Music Discovered

Like Jonathan Goldman, Anugama, and other explorers of music healing, I tend to be very skeptical about assigning musical notes to certain chakras or parts of the body etc. because most of the people who say these things are not coming from direct experience And it gets a little ridiculous when people say that the […]

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Music clef

The Basics of Music Healing

We are going to go on a journey where you will discover how music can be used for telaportation, creating universes and deeply balancing the body, heart and mind. You’ll also be surprised at how simple and clear it is to play, grow and flow with music. Also, please be aware that music can be […]

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New Site

Aloha!  We have a brand new Kahua Records site up as I’m sure you can tell.  It is fully equipped with everything you need for the best browsing experience.  You can check out audio clips of most of our music, you can also stroll through and check out all of our amazing photos.  We hope […]

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